My daughter is two and a half and has an expressive language delay problem. She had very few single words until recently. I bought this as a concerned parent on a very long waiting list for speech therapy in the hope that it would help in some way. My daughter loves watching Sookie and Finn doing everyday activities e.g getting up, washed, dressed, eating breakfast, going to the park, bedtime etc. The language used is clear and seems to be aimed at children to encourage them to put 2 words together. The recap at the end of the section is useful and there are songs that most children will be familiar with e.g row row row your boat. My daughter is now pointing to the TV trying to say some of the words and is saying the odd word what comes next. For a child with a delay this is heartening for the parents and gives us hope that she will eventually develop her language skills in relation to her peers. This DVD may not be the answer to speech delay problems and I doubt it can make children talk if they don't wish to do so but it probably helps. My daughter finds it enjoyable and the animation is simple but effective. Her single words have increased and whilst this is not just because of a DVD, this DVD helps re-iterate stories and events in a way she can understand and can therefore be used in addition to parental one to one help. If you are in the same position as me- it's worth a try!